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Rules & Changes

Post  Mayzak on Sat Sep 13, 2008 11:37 am

While we are at the rules, why don't we change the rule about jumping object balls off the table. Right now the rules are:
Scratch on the Break
A scratch occurs when the cue ball is pocketed or hit off of the table. It is a foul to scratch on the break.
Scratch after the Break
A scratch occurs when the cue ball is pocketed or hit off of the table
Balls Hit off of the Table
If any of the shooting player’s object balls are hit off of the table, those balls will be spotted. However, if the shooting player hits any of the opposing player’s object balls off of the table, those balls will be considered pocketed and will stay down. It is a foul to hit the cue ball off of the table. Hitting a ball, other than the cue ball, off of the table, while simultaneously making the called object ball, is not a foul.

I am suggesting that we make it a foul to hit any ball off the table and the foul penalty would be ball in hand for the opposing player. this would put our league in the same game as the most of the pool world.

The BCA tournament rule is:
If any object ball is jumped off the table, it is a foul and loss of turn, unless it is the 8-ball, which is a loss of game. Any jumped object balls are not re-spotted

The APA rule is:
Balls on the Floor - If the 8-ball is knocked on the floor, it is loss of game. Object balls knocked on the floor are spotted. If the spot is taken, the ball is placed on a line directly behind the spot as close as possible. Knocking a ball other than the cue ball on the floor is not a foul.

So what do you think the BCA rule or APA rule for IEPL?
Let me know by your posts.
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Object balls on floor

Post  Joyceisin on Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:10 pm

I am new here... but I am in favor of keeping the rule as is... MOST of us are not going to jump a ball off the table on purpose and to have the ball in hand penalty just seems a bit severe...
Just my 2 cents...

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